Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hot Jewels Temporary Body Tattoos

Hot Jewels are metallic temporary tattoos that look like jewelry. I think they are absolutely beautiful and was happy to be gifted with some on my recent trip to Turks & Caicos. This was the perfect opportunity for me to adorn myself with Hot Jewels tattoos, I think they look especially good on dark skin and with my tan, they were shining! I am partial to the gold hot jewels, although they are pretty in silver too. They are extremely versatile, to date I’ve worn hot jewels as a cuff on my wrist, a necklace, a tattoo on my upper arm and down my ribs. When I wear hot jewels I receive numerous compliments and people who are not familiar with them ask how I achieved the effect.

They are so easy to use, that they will make a perfect gift for your daughters or friends this holiday season. Hot jewels are applied the same way temporary tattoos that children wear are applied. First, decide on the design and where you want to place them. This is probably the most tricky part because hot jewels come in four different varieties: Classic, Tribal, Feathers and Love. Once you chose the design, cut it to fit the area of your body you want to place it. Remove the plastic coating, press to your skin and place a wet washcloth or sponge on it, ensuring you wet it completely. Hold for about 30 seconds and your hot jewels should be in place! Check out my video to see how I did it.

I’ve found that if I misalign a necklace, before it is fully set I can move the design a little to make it connect. Alternatively, if you have assistance in placement on a difficult to reach area that will work well! I have fun wearing hot jewels and I bet you will too.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Holiday Shopping is easy with Visa Checkout!

I love the holidays! I mean I love, love, love the holidays. I am getting excited as I type because I have thoughts of my Christmas tree, baking, a roaring fire in the fireplace and gift giving. This year will be the first time I build a fire (I’ve lived in my home for 7 years but have never used my fireplace) and for nostalgia I will watch the Yule Log on tv (fireside). It sounds idyllic to me and I am anticipating the moment when it all comes together.  I am also looking forward to gift giving but I am not in love with the idea of going into crowded malls or stores to shop. Black Friday? No thank you. You will find me somewhere on a couch eating Thanksgiving leftovers and not fighting crowds to spend my money!  I have become an absolute pro at online shopping. I enjoy having an array of gifts at my fingertips and I don’t have to get out of my pajamas!

This is a sponsored post.  I received compensation from Visa/Gymboree to buy my products and use its Visa Checkout online payment service, but all thoughts reflected here are my own.

My online shopping for the holidays has become even easier now that I’ve learned about Visa Checkout online payment service. With Visa Checkout you create an account, enter your major credit card, billing and shipping address and you are done. By done I mean, for any online retailer that uses Visa Checkout you simply have to sign in to pay. Gone are the days of getting up to find the credit card you want to use and re-entering your address. It is just as easy as swiping your card at a register in store!

I was given the opportunity by Visa Checkout and Gymboree to test drive with my online shopping. Creating my account was extraordinarily simple. And then I went shopping! Gymboree has been a favorite since my son was born. I like the quality of the clothing and I find that I always get sales when I shop. This time I purchased a few fall/winter items for my son. He loves sweaters and in addition to two sweaters and two shirts, I also purchased a vest.

We have an annual tradition of wearing matching/coordinating Christmas pajamas and I was thrilled to find sets for us on Gymboree. We will be a Snowlady and Snowman this Christmas and I am quite excited! After deciding on my purchases checkout was swift. I clicked Visa Checkout as my payment option, entered my name and password, selected my preferred card,  and that was it! So simple. I am going to be on the lookout for Visa Checkout for my holiday gift shopping. I really am impressed with the service.

Monday, November 24, 2014

#GirlsCan Women Empowement with Covergirl and Walmart

I am one of those people who refuses to take no for an answer. Even if I don’t end up getting my way, once a person says no to me I feel compelled to ask again or simply try again until I accomplish my goals. There have been so many times when I’ve been told that I “can’t” do something and proven my naysayers wrong. I credit my mother with providing a strong foundation for me. I still live by the motto she instilled in me at an early age “nothing beats a failure but a try” and I was encouraged to always try new things never letting the idea that being a woman or a person of color hold me back from my accomplishments.

When I ran for Student Government President of my high school, I was totally unaware that there had never in the 23 year history of the school been a female president. When I ran I was up against a fair haired golden boy athlete who I think thought had a win in the bag. It was my ability to relate to all members of the student body - athletes, musicians, nerds, foreign students, everyone that enabled me with by 80 percent of the vote. After my win, my teachers looked into the history of presidents thinking I was the first Black president, when in fact, I was the first female. I have NEVER let my gender keep me from reaching for the stars even when it seems that the decks is stacked against me!

I know that I have been blessed and some girls and women are bombarded by messages and images that don’t empower them. That is why I am so in love with the CoverGirl #GirlsCan campaign that empowers women and encourages women and girls to turn “can’t” into CAN! You can find limited edition specially marked packages of #GirlsCan CoverGirl mascara on towers on Walmart to support this effort. Walmart and Covergirl are both donating  $50,000 to the non-profit organization Dress For Success.

Dress for Success is an international not-for profit organization that promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. Since starting operations in 1997, Dress for Success® has expanded to more than 135 cities in 17 countries. To date, Dress for Success has helped more than 775,000 women work towards self-sufficiency.

During your next shopping trip be sure to look for the specially marked CoverGirl mascara to support the effort to empower women!


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thanksgiving Kids Craft Paper plate turkey

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner! We had a Thanksgiving meal at my son’s school and now he is on vacation for a full week. My son is asking me to make my famous sweet potato pie but I am fearful that I’ll eat the entire thing before I leave for New York. To distract him from the pie, we got busy and made a holiday craft that is fun and simple for the kids to make. This time I was able to simply go to my craft drawers which are filled with items from Walmart and let my son make a Thanksgiving turkey from a paper plate.

I originally saw this craft on Pinterest and acrylic paints were used. I pulled out the paints but my son decided he wanted to use markers instead! I was ecstatic because that means less potential mess for me, especially since he used Crayola Washable Markers. I love no mess! The craft itself is simple. I gave him a small paper plate and cut out the beak for him. He colored - the face brown, the beak yellow  and the “feathers” around the outside of the plate various colors. While he colored, I cut out eyes from white construction paper and a turkey waddle from red construction paper.

Once he was done coloring he glued on the eyes, added wiggly eyes for pupils and then he glued on the waddle. He pretty much completed this craft on his own and loved it. I think this is a great craft for kids of all ages, if I had extra paper plates, I actually would have made one of my own.

Turkey Craft
Items Needed
Paper plate
White and red Construction paper
Crayons, Markers or Acrylic Paint
Wiggly eyes
Craft Knife

  1. Cut a beak in the shape of a triangle in the center of the plate using a craft knife
  2. Color the face of the turkey brown and the beak yellow.
  3. Color the sections around the outside of the plate various colors to represent feathers
  4. Cut 2 circles from white construction paper for eyes and glue onto plate. Glue wiggly eyes to construction paper.
  5. Cut waddle from red construction paper. Glue to face.

Enjoy your paper plate turkey!

Friday, November 21, 2014

CleanPath sustainable household cleaners

I really do not like shopping. I especially don’t like shopping for household cleaners. I mean, if I have to shop, I want it to be something like clothes or shoes....things that really bring a smile to my face. Household cleaners? Not so much. Whatever I can do to shop as infrequently as possibly for the necessities, I sign up for. Which brings me to CleanPath. I have to admit that using CleanPath cleansers actually DOES bring a smile to my face. CleanPath is a line of  innovative, sustainable products carried at Walmart. I think the idea is ingenious  and I wish I’d thought of it!

The Founder, Jason Foster wanted to turn the waste from regular cleansers upside down by developing reusable, refillable bottles. Each CleanPath bottle purchased has a pod on the bottom filled with cleaning solution, but the rest of the bottle is empty. 

To use it, you turn the bottle upside down, squeeze the cleansing concentrate into the measuring cup in the bottle and fill with water. When you cleaner is finished, you repeat the process. Each pod has 3 refills. GENIUS! It kind of reminds me of what I do when my cleaners have run out in the past....I will add water to get the last bit of soap out! CleanPath takes that a step further, it is green and sustainable, I love it!

I was sent the Multi-Surface Cleaner, Glass Cleaner and the Hand soap. I like all of them but am particularly partial to the glass cleaner and hand soap because I use them most often. I really like the hand soap and if you visit my home you will find one in every bathroom! CleanPath is both green and economical - starter bottles are $3.58 and refill pods are $2.28 each (3 refills). I am a fan, I hope you try CleanPath and if you do please be sure to let me know what you think!

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